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BROADBAND /  Services  /  Infrastructure growth 

...integrated high-capacity, large-scale, streaming content flow across all latitudes & longitudes...


Broadband  communication is on our doorstep.  The presently encumbered smooth flow of voice, data and video communication will be replaced by a seamless integrated global infrastructure solution.  Traditional and emerging technology solutions will initially be merged as part of a First Generation hybrid communication and commercial network, capable of breaking through productivity crippling gridlock and moving commerce forward. 


  Second Generation broadband will have the look and feel of a combined yet unbalanced  architecture.  Traditional technology networks working with traditional  operational efficiencies will often be grafted to newly formed advanced broadband designs, with the expected incongruities in data flow.  Typical  networked systems where incongruities will establish residency are railroads, highways, airlines, river / ocean networks, industrial manufacturing centers, uniformed branches of armed services, environmental resources management, and computer-communication environments. 


Third Generation broadband technologies, almost certainly in place by year 2010, will resolve these disappointments through the scheduled and rapid displacement of  Second Generation technological obsolescence.  Beyond Third Generation we can probably expect to see improvements and upgrades occurring on a more or less continuous basis and transparent to the beneficiaries  of the technology.     


Wireless Internet...broad based solutions


Set Your Clock Harris Scientific Atlanta
Set Your World Clock Hewlett-Packard



IBM Siemens


Iowwwa Skystream Networks
Altera Skytel Level3 SMART  SEATS LibertyMedia Speedera
Aironet Lucent Sprint
Ardent Communications Motorola StorageNetworks
AT&T MachFlight Spectrum Management
Breezecom Marconi  (Sats) Microsoft Technical Businesses and Services
Bluetooth Multimedia Enterprise Techdata
Broadband Newscorp

Ciena Oracle

Cisco TimeWarner / AOL
CityNet fiber networks People Soft (IFN)


PSINet Vivendi
Comsof Qualcomm  (wingcast ) Verizon


Qwest / large business
CoSine Communications WingCastMobility OpenDSL Initiative Winstar


Siemens Wi-Fi Virata WWWWireless
DoCoMo-Japan 3com Worldtecc Intel Worldtekk
Enron DSLcenter WAP XO
Erols Northpoint
Flightlinks RawBandwidth Communications
FORD  ( wingcast )
Help / c/net solutions Google it up Anytime
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Associations TechNet
EIA / Electronic Industries Alliance Wireless Communications Assoc. International
FISPA/Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas WITSA / World Information Technology & Service Alliance
ITAC / Information Technology Assn. of Canada
National Cable & Telecommunications Assn.
Northern Virginia Technology Council
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Fixed Wireless /  WiSE Technologies / ..quality service...unmatched performance..
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Fiber Optics / networking urban centers ...dark and lit
CityNet / fiber networks by ' sewer savvy robots '
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Glossary Telecomm Terms
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Infrastructure /Cities /plans & installation Urban Systems / USA/Global  - Cities / Communities
CityNet  / last-mile solutions / Fiber in the Sewer Cogent / Rings in 20 major cities / Last Mile /  FAQs
Cometa Networks/AT&T, IBM, Intel & Apax,3i /nationwide
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Infrastructure Build out ...  ..Government & Commercial
BT Ignite / wireless broadband access across Europe GTS DataNet / partnered with Cable & Wireless  / Hungary
Canada / DIPCII -Developing Information Policies for.... India / Department of Information Technology
Canada/ FIS - Faculty of Information Studies / Univ. of Toronto IP-Plus / Swisscom / USA & Europe networks
Canada / FIS / Government Agencies & Organizations ITS /Intrnl. Turnkey Sys /designing networking infrastructure
The Communications Authority of Thailand Qwest / Gov. / NASA/  GSA/ ESnet/  USPS / ARMY/ NAVY
VSNL -  Future Plans / Regional-Global Player / India
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Networking Standards Telecom Lab - Italia /  Multimedia & Optical Networks
Ethernet Universal Serial Bus
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Networking Systems / infrastructure... ...building global integrated networks
ACN / Greece NAC /Net Access Corp./northeast U.S. & Europe network
Alcatel / GSM in Tanzania, Fiber in Brazil Netkonect / Backbone Provider
Aleron / US POPs positioned for Metro & Long Haul NLS -NetLine Services, Inc. / NY to Phila. to California
Altera / Wireless Solutions NewNet  / UK / network - business services
Asianet Satellite Communications / service to Kerala, India NextGenTel - " next generation telecommunications "
Asia Infonet Co. /  Thailand ( CAT ) & Telecom Holding Co. NMS Communications / the market faster..
AT&T Broadband / 16 million households NOOR / infrastructure across Mideast & North Africa
ATX / super-regional carrier - integrated multi-services NortelNetworks / Optical - Wireless - Metro 
Bharti Broadband Networks Ltd. ( BBNL ) / India Novaxess / NL/ NovaNet - NovaLink - NovaVoice
Black Hills Fiber Com/ DAKSOFT/Internet-Telephone- Cable NTG / business services across 23 states
Broadwing / data -voice - internet - managed services O1 Communications / California & 30 states
Bunt Communications RITAnet Internet Services Onvoy / Minnesoata's Broadband / Metro & Rural fiber net
C-COR / leading supplier of HFC (hybrid fiber coax) OptiGlobe / Latin America wide data centers - networks
Cable Bahamas / CoralWave Optimum Online / a service of Cablevision
Cable One Optinel Systems / CATV industry/ easily scalable..integrates
Cable & Wireless Service Provider /( & Exodus Comm.) Orcon Internet / backbone service provider /New Zealand
Canada Information Infrastructure /  (DIPCII ) ntl Europe
Cedar Falls Utilities - CyberNet / Iowa / broadband PILNET / Philippine net to US & South-East Asia
CSGnet - California State Government Network PipeNetworks / Australia
C.S. Communications / Thailand & Worldwide PRT Internet / Puerto Rico / e-commerce solutions
CERNET /China's Education & Research Net/ 200 Univ. PSINet /Performance Systems International /(Cogent Comm.)
Chello / "UPC" / serving eight countries/hdqts:Amsterdam Qwest / ..ride the light
Cisco / unified information infrastructure RCN / Megaband fiber network/ largest regional ISP in US
Clear Sky Broadband / expanding across US RDS / RomaniaDataSystems
Coditel / Belgium / Cable TV , Internet, Telecomm RealOne / Real player/ play every major media format
Cogent Communications / 100% fiber / major Metro regions Renater /France /Research,- Tech. - Education - Culture
Comcast / cable-internet-education RomaniaDataSystems
Comdial / Communications networking products Romanian Education Network / Cisco Networking Academy
Cometa Networks /AT&T, IBM, Intel / WiFi nationwide RIPN /Russian Institute for Public Networks /Research & Edu.
CA / Corporate Access / anywhere-to-anywhere solutions SAIX / South African Internet eXchange
Cosmos  / E-commerce solutions-networks across Africa Satellite Service on Global Scale / NewSkies Networks
Cyberus /Canada /business & residential / customizable segNET Technologies /New England /connectivity solutions
Cysive / Adapt your existing enterprise technology... Sentex / Canada /Corporate & Residential accounts
DCANet / Philadelphia, Pa./ wire-area networking / ISP Seren Innovations / Minnesota / California/your first choice
DirecTV DSL Silicom / " Enabling the Digital Ecosystem "
DishnetDSL / pervasive mobile communication / India Sim Internet Services / Turkey / IT & Telecomm. Solutions
DNA -Digital Network Alliance / Hong Kong - Singapore Socket Internet Services / Columbia, Mo.
Easynet / European / estb. 1994 / data center infrastructure SoVerNet / Vermonts's Sovereign Internet Connection
EgyNet / Privately owned public data network in Egypt Spain / RedIRIS / NPATS - 250 institutions
Ensquared / MSP / Making the Internet Happen Spectranet / India-Fiber /linking Punjab,Bangalore, etc.
Epoch Networks / " SelectPro"- metered broadband service Sprint Worldwide
Equant - IP & Data services for multinational businesses StarNet USA / POP's across the US & Canada
Farlep / Russia network rStar Networks / Satellite-based / education, corporate,etc.
Fascom / building cutting edge Pakistan infrastructure Stentor / Alliance of Canada's Telephone Companies
Fiberlink Networks / Lebanon = Biz - Gov. - Education Storm Telecom / South Africa / data - voice - hosting
FibreWired / Across Ontario & around the Globe Sunflower Broadband /Lawrence, Kansas..& Eudora, Douglas
FLAG Telecom /Egypt / global network / Nine Online ISP SUPERNET / Pakistan / multi-service operations, integration
FNSI  ( Fiber Network Solutions ) / national backbone SusCom / Susquehanna Communicaitons / five states
The Fort Lauderdale Network TATA / India / Data Centers, Hosting, Design, Cafes, ISP, etc.
Futureway Communications / Biz. & Residential services Teledatos / una Division de Get / Cuba
Galaxy Cablevision / TV - Internet / education Teleglobe / GlobeSystem Initiative / scalable
Gateway Systems / India/ Wireless Access Provider Telentente / Creating a Global InterChange
Global Crossing / global capacity, scalability & performance Telewest Broadband / Blueyonder
GlobeNet / Internet Service, Business Class Telia / global IP backbone provider
Grande Communications /Texas /For you, the world TELUS / " the future is friendly " / biz & residential services
GTS DataNet / Budapest, Hungary TIBA International Teleport / Argentina & beyond
HiNet / Taiwan / Chunghwa Telecom-Data Comm. Group Touch American / IP Services, Conferencing, Security
HiStrong Info. Co. / single- source solution / China TP S.A.- POLPAK / Poland - data communucations markets
HopOne Internet Corp. / Hdqts. - Washington, D.C. 3com / select a country
Hughes / DIRECTV - digital satellite to the home ULCC / estb. 1968 / diversified services - international
Hutchison Global Comm./ ( Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. ) UKERNA / UK/Education-Research-Industry Comm.Nets
iBiquity Digital / radio over regular AM/FM radio Univ. of Arizona / Internet2/ develop-deployment-operation
I-Netlink / " Reach beyond the limits " / wireless Utilicom Networks / Massachuesetts / advanced fiber nets
ICG Communications / nationwide data & voice network UUNET / WorldCom / Internet backbone
In-Q-Tel / solving evolving CIA critical IT challenges UUNET / Network Maps, PoP Finder , Network Performance
Internap Network Services / mission-critical support Valuenet / backbone , customized server hardware, services
INTERNET2 /global benefits to the way people live & work VCN /Visionary Comm./BigSky Country/ISP & Wireless
IP Planet / Europe - Middle East - Africa  Via Net.Works / Americas & Europe
IP-Plus / network upgrades in Europe & US /WDSL - Wireless Digital Subscriber Link
ISDN Net / Networking Tennessee & beyond VSNL / India / create global-seamless network...
ITS / Int. Turnkey Sys /Partnerships with top level firms WCG / Williams Communications Group
JANET & JISC /UK/Education-Research Nets /global reach WCG  Optical Network Map / Asia - Americas - Europe
KEMS / Kuwait Electronic Messaging Services WiSE Technologies / Offices, airports, cafes, train stations
Kentucky Information Highway/ Governor's Off. of Technology WorldWithoutWire / Broadband Everywhere Network
KMD / Denmark /major IT provider for public sector WRAN /Wireless Rural Area Network / Prairie iNet
LakesNet / Detroit Lakes, Minnesota / Fiber & Wireless WTC Communications / Iowa - Illinois - Nebraska
Level3 / integrated - upgradeable - deployed WWFiber / USA & Canada networks lit
Logitech /Solutions through Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi Yipes / managed optical IP connectivity - customer-focused
Lucent / CDMA in Brazil /  / Qingdao, China integrates systems YKPAUHCKUE KOMMYHUKAQUU
MegaPath Networks / network services & applications
Meridian /Fixed Wireless Infrastructure/ Philippines
Merlin Communications / Internationa/ short wave / digital
MetaLink / Link Locally, Surf Globally / Ohio
MFN / Metromedia Fiber Network / Data Centers / PAIX
MHO / Mile High Online /Wireless Internet for Biz & Home
Mpower Communications / full range of services
MSC / Kuwait / dynamic systems integrator
Multinet Broadband / Pakistan Fiber Infrastructure
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US Federal Trade Commission US Federal Communications Commission
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Satellite Services
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SmartBuildings / equipment / projects RockyNet / provisioning buildings & office parks 
BBR/Broadband Residential / MDUs -multi-dwelling units US DataPort / real estate-telecomm-networking
BiznessOnline / Smart Buildings MFN / ( AboveNet ) /PAIX -Packet Switching Center
Broad Band Philippines / eBuildings..a primary choice CTC  communications / CLEC -Local Exchange Carrier
ELINK Communications /last 100 feet..wired & lit NetHere / increasing tenant choice, building communications
Everest Broadband / Multi-tenant Service Provider
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Software Configurations
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Spectrum Allocation
Spectrum Management