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About Us

Welcome to your First Destination on the Wireless Internet...welcome to freedom

Mission...Provide the best information available, in the shortest time possible, for the maximum accrued value to our customers and shareholders.

Start Up Enterprise.....please take this time to survey the MASTER CATALOGUE entries and acquire an improved picture of global growth patterns in wireless communication innovation and infrastructure.  Growth patterns in the current period will have their ups and downs for several years, but this is an expected part of building the first major global business and consumer communication infrastructure replacement for the post World War II period.  

It is probably a fair estimate to say that the major capitalization and policy formulation for the Global Wireless Infrastructure components will be completed by the year  2003.  By the year 2010 it is reasonable to expect to see fully integrated Global Telecommunications Standards applied to our business and consumer tools, our transportation sectors, and manufacturing and financial services. Somewhat slower to occur will be changes to labor practices and social orthodoxy.  Many decades and centuries of labor traditions, conventions and customs will present unique challenges as people and their governments distill out what is best and most promising and dissolve what is injurious and less helpful for reform. 

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Links2wireless services will include:

1)  Extensive range of Wireless information (operations & technical)

2)  Custom reports on Global Telecommunications developments

3)  Product reviews and ratings    

4)  Current news, Newsletter, & Archives

5)  Speakers Bureau & Conferences

6)  Broad Band TV & Radio Program

7)  L2W Content available on Mobile Communication Tools

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