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B2B /  Lean Enterprise Functionality

...Internet & Intranets...

e-USA & around the World

Business2business commerce is only about six thousand years old and has rarely been host to such potential as is visible today in the world.  The primary Twentieth Century modalities for commerce were automobiles, ships, telephones, airplanes, bicycles, horses, and trains.  Now and in the years ahead myriad new technologies will be added to these traditional forms.  With families of new high technologies being generated with frequent regularity, enterprises around the world can now begin to accelerate their technology driven contributions to traditional B2B customs.  


Electronic commerce functionality with high stock valuation potential is supported today by the World Wide Web, digital processing, fiber optic transmission, global wireless versatility and a population of spirited innovators.  The beneficiaries of this forward looking valuation and purposeful functionality will be people in countries which subscribe to  low barriers to dynamic business2business infrastructure growth.


Wireless Internet...trendline this


Set Your Clock Gomez Quest Software
Set Your World Clock Quiver  / intuitive directory...
Aerospace Raytheon home business Hitachi domains RetailersmarketXchange

IBM domains


Instill Shopcollins (storage) Sun Kozmo TechData


Kmart Tibco
b2b Level3
Businessnow Toshiba Lockheedmartin
Cendant Magma / Canada / largest ISP

Chamber of Commerce search-engine Uconsultus

MerchantWired United Parcel Service  delivery
Collins. Rockwell Mining
Commerceone Verisign
Carmax NetworkSolutions  domains Viafone Nortelnetworks Webmethods
Concert Williams
Cyveillance Oracle Wi-Fi  (storage) Oxygen Working Women WorldCom Hosting / Data Centers
EverythingAircraft Panasonic Walmart
Exodus Worldwide Proxicom
Federalexpress Partsbase
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Associations Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
Extensive Links to Associations National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners
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Business Services / managed hosting... security / initiatives... 
AT&T Hosting Services Portfolio Logictier
BT Ignite  / hosted Business Productivity portfolio Rackspace Managed Hosting
Cable & Wireless Belgie Resolink / Data Center Services / Hong Kong
C I Host / Professional Services / marketing, security, etc. SAVVIS / fully managed solutions
Cvent Sirius
Digex / web & application hosting Star Internet / UK's largest independent ISP /Business Solutions
Energis / complex hosting & managed applications Tela /Security & Strategy, Web development for Biz & individuals
Epoch / pre-configured managed hosting solutions Totality
Exodus Worldwide ( Cable & Wireless plc ) VERIO / NTT - professional development needed
Fiberpipe - Managed Services - network design, etc. VIA NET.WORKS / Managed Network  Security
IBM Global Services ViaWest / Colorado-Arizona-Nevada-Utah Centers / full service / Internet integration WorldCom  / ( UUNET ) Hosting / Data Centers
IQuest Internet / Access, Hosting, Managed Svcs, etc. Xilogix / simply better managed servers Communication Technologies & Services/Turkey XS4ALL / Europe / website development and more
Zen Internet / VPN - Hosting - ISP - Web Design
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Business Employment Services
American Background
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Business / Leadership Issues
Board Source / Nonprofit Boards / 15,000members
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B2B / B2C / B2G , etc................. & technology solutions / agility
AccessNet / Wireless, web design, training, dial-up,etc. Kane / Information Systems/Technology / Kane is Able
Agiliti / modular suite of managed IT services Kentucky Information Highway / Governor's Off. for Technology
AISG /Consulting-software & networks / training LEFCA / Learning Enrichment Foundation
APAC Customer Services / ...customer interaction Microlink / largest IT company in the Baltic States
ATGi / applications & web services development Millennia Lite / SRA / Legacy Systems Migration and...
Berkshire Hathawa Subsidiary Companies My Virtual Corp / Outsourcing Business Support
Blenko Glass Co. / Milton, West Virginia NCR / National Cash Register Co. / data warehousing solutions
Brandywine Funds / estb.1974  by Foster Friess Net4You / E-Business Solutions
BT Business /  Flexible Infrastructure - agility NetManage / collaboratively with your organization..
Communications Engineering / estb. 1988 Nextra UK / outsourced business communications - services
CCP Online/ Cook's Computer & Programming Niklas Myhr /..interorganizational relationships
CSEM -Swiss Center for Electronics & Microtechnology OA Solutions / " One Company with All the Technology "
Defense Logistics Agency /Business Sys. Modernization Oso Grande / applications, internet services, managing
Delinea Corp. / Technology Services - outsourcing PacketWorks / Metro area networks = Wireless+Fiber+Dsl
DocumentPlanet / "who do you call when you need.." Patagonia - commited to the core / clothing designer
EDS / global information technology services company Pitney Bowes - Integrated Solutions
Everywhere / give us data = we deliver information Professional Pricing Society
Fibers & Fantasy / j.haskell hats & fibers of all sorts Quartet Time / " a new and better way of doing business "
Finsiel Group: Telecom Italia Information Technology Regus / 51 countries, 420 business centres, 92,000 workspaces
Gascoyne Development Commission / Western Australia Reynolds & Reynolds / retail management systems
Genuity / Enterprise Network Solutions SAVVIS - a new breed of managed IP services provider
Geospatial Engine/National Imagery & Mapping Agency SINGOV /Singapore Government E-Commerce Centre / B2G
GLED /Great Lakes Electronic Distributing SONICblue / consumer electronics markets & more
GIH / Global Information Highway / Management Thayer Interactive Group /Hotel Marketing & Web Management
GSA / U.S. Gov. General Services Administration / B2G UDITITS / ...d'un spin-off du CSEM
Henry Mintzberg / ...a short look at Henry & his work UnitedLayer / architect, deploy, monitor & manage...
Henry Mintzberg/ ..challenging the corporate orthodoxy Wipro Technologies / complete business & technology offering
Hillenbrand Industries/Focused Continuous Improvement
HorseNet / Breeds - Types  / service categories
I Net Systems / " End-to-End " Technology Solutions
Ilap /Internet Light & Power /networking, hosting, design
In-Q-Tel /deliver mission critical technologies to the CIA
Infinity Technology /Software- total project management
InTechnology / Secure Offsite Data /managed storage, etc.
Integic / ...integrated e-business transformation...
Integration Specialist, Inc. / ...across the globe...
InterBox / no-nonsense Internet totaaloplossingen
JCPenny / consumer electronics - shop by brand
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Communications Services StarPower Communications
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Consumer Services United States Postal Service
UPS /United Parcel Service FedEx
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Data Centers / Global Infrastructure / services SBC DataComm
Exodus Worldwide / ( Cable & Wireless plc ) NTT/Verio
Magma / Canada 
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e-USA / take it with you.. to work & play
Independence Community Bank / online services Citibank / online services
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Financial Services
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Health Care Industry
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Home Businesses / Resources
American Assoc. of Home-Based Businesses
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Hosting Services / systems integration HostIndex list of "Top 25" and much more
CIHost / deliver video, audio, streaming downloads, etc. Magma Communications / Hosting-Data Centre -Design, etc.
CIHost /eMarketing Solutions - newsletter, advertising... Mistral /  The Business Network
AAA Web Hosting / E-Commerce Solutions My Virtual Corp  / Hosting Services
Always 24x7  Net Doctors / @mail-Web Design-hosting-Wireless
Arsalon Technologies / hosting strategies NetEase / business - residential - networking services
Birkey Web Design NetNet / Wisconsin / ISP - Hosting - Design - Systems Consulting
BuffNET / ISP - Hosting - Design New York Internet Center / Diversity of Services
Connect / internetworking - Hosting NigeriaNet / Hosting-Networking-Wireless- Web Design
Energis / e-business,  storage, & security/ UK NTT/Verio
EPOCH / US- largest privately held ISP Omega Communications / LAN'S & WAN'S / Hosting-Design
Esat Business Internet Services Premium Hosting / consumer & business
FNGi /First Network Group -Server customized- supported 1Prospect / CUS - Client User Controls / security / e-commerce
Go Daddy / Hosting - Design - feature rich webmail Safeport Network Services
HelpingHand / ISP revenue sharing with non-profits SAQ /ISP, Hosting,  integration & e-commerce tools / UK
HIS / Heller Information Services / estb. 1984 Solve Interactive / & enterprise development
IBT /Innovative Business Technology Stargate / diversified technology services
Infobahn Outfitters / Web Services, Consulting, etc. Star Internet /  Solutions for Business
Labyrinth Solutions / Hosting - ISP - Network support Tela - interactive website development for businesses & more..
Lighthouse Communications / Midwest's premier provider ValueWeb / service in over 136 countries
WAVE Internet / New Zealand
XO Hosting Solutions / UK-global
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Infrastructure Categories... Satellite Services
Fiber Optics - Laser BroadBand Systems
Mobile Communications
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Internet Domain Name Registration ICANN / Internet Corp. for Assigned Names & Numbers
AfriNIC - African Regional Internet Registry ICANN / Fact Sheet / " ..the global consensus entity.."
APNIC / Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (RIR) InterNIC / Frequently asked questions / system-register-duration
ARIN  / American Registry for Internet Numbers (RIR) InterNIC / Domain Name Registration Info.
RIPE  NCC / Regional Internet Registries (RIR) InterNIC / Accredited Registrar Directory...
Domain name registries around the world InterNIC / Registrar Listing by Country-location
.......          .......          .......          .......          .......          ....... InterNIC/Domain Name System /13 root servers /global/ "resolvers"
RIPE / NCC response to ICANN reform proposal IANA / Internet Assigned Numbers Authority / country codesTLD
RIPE 42 / 29 April meeting in Amsterdam / ( Queensday)
RIPE 41 meeting (Jan. 2002) summary of session DOD-CERT / Computer Emergency Response Team
ARIN VIII Public Policy Meeting / October 2001 Greenberg & Lieberman / Intellectual Property law
ARIN minutes & presentations / 1998 - 2002
APNIC 14th Open Policy Meeting / Japan- September 2002
APNIC meeting archive 1999 - 2002
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Internet Domain Name / Whois IP-Address / discover your IP address now
Whois  / Domain Name lookup / ownership Physical Addresses & Internet Addresses
AUNIC - Australian Network Information Centre UNINETT / Domain name registries worldwide
Whois / Brazil CNNIC / China Internet Network Information Center
China Internet Network Information Center NativeNames / multilingual naming versatility
Whois / Iceland / Whois uppfletting; VeriSign / Domain Services
Whois / Romania / Inregistrare domenii (.ro TLD) VeriSign /
JPNIC / Japan Network Information Center Register
LACNIC Servicios de Registro EasyWhois...........the owner of a web site
SaudiNIC / King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology Whois Report /engine /search " whois " records for relevant info
UAEnic / United Arab Emirates  Name Intelligence / specializing in statistical analysis of domains
Namibian Network Information Centre Afternic / domain name exchange
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center Comite Consultivo de NIC-Mexico
Whois / South Africa Go Daddy
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Intelligence / resources-management
Cyveillance Intellibridge
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Legal Issues / Fraud, etc IFCC  /Internet Fraud Complaint Center
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Miscellaneous WirelessWednesdays
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Regulatory Issues U. S. Government Agencies
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Retail Industry
=================================== ========================================
Real Estate Placer Title Company
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Search-Explore tools  / refine Multiple Search Engines / very wide search ranges  
CyberCafes / 150 countries = 4,000 + cafes Google it up anytime
Quiver SevenTwentyFour / service in over fifty countries /link detection
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Security Systems / programs Security Programs / extensive resources
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Services / Global-Local / Networks NYSERNet / Research & Education / Government & Industry
NWAX /Northwest Access Exchange / USA DOAS / Georgia Dept. of Administrative Services
SINA / Chinese communities worldwide Porterville, Calif. / a wireless Internet community
TPG /leader in Mail, Express & Logistics / Internet tracking DXI Networks / Business Service Provider
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Synchronous Operations / information Central Edge Solutions
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Web Site Content Ratings Internet Content Rating Association
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Women's Resources Networks Women For Hire
Working Women eWomenNetwork / Worldwide resources / Worldwide network
NCWO /National Council of Women's Organizations NCWO invites Augusta to come up to speed Extensive Resources
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