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Wireless Internet...infrastructure, now and tomorrow, until this economy business is straightened out

Disclosure:  the contents of this catalogue are to discussion...what rocket fuel is to the rocket.

Aerospace / Global Fiber Optics / growth Performing Arts
Agriculture /global FINANCIAL/Global data /transparency Petro-Chemicals/goods&services
Archeology /  tech tools Governments / systems /Federal-Local Photography /Albums/imagery
Associations / General Hardware / Devices / instruments Public Safety / Rescue
Aviation / Commercial HEALTH CARE/ elder services, etc Publishing / services / Multimedia
Aviation / General Hospitality Industry / global Regulatory/ Legal / Issues
B2B  / E-commerce / consumer Information Delivery/ research tools Repair / Maintenance Service / sourcing
Bio-Tech/ living standards Issues / Agencies Satellitesservices
BLUETOOTH / Portability Leisure-Sports/dragonboats Satellites  /  Tech Specs
Broadband / Infrastructure Manufacturing  / &  mining SCIENCE/ research / multimedia
Cable / Broadcast MarketXchange /leanEnterprise Security / firewalls / Viruses
Cable /  Installation Medicine / research / biotechnology Service Industry/ broad categories
Computers  / upgrades Mergers / Acquisitions Software  / enterprise 
Computer Science /technology /history MILITARY/ preparedness Standards / Protocols
Construction/Smart Bldgs / Spaces Miscellaneous / surprises TELECOMM/phone directories
Countries / Regions Mobile Communication Telemetry  /  Enterprise
Cultures / Religions / Traditions Mobile Radio Services Trademarks / Patents,  etc
EDUCATION SYS/Global Native American/ Enterprise Transportation  /  services
ENERGY/ Environment / Habitat Nettop Boxes / Interactive TV / Multimedia
Enterprise Software/B2B / B2C Nettop Boxes / Manufacturing Urban Living Systems
Entertainment Industry News Center / latest news Weather Service  / Science
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