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 Multimedia technology integration across the Internet & Intranet systems 


Emerging global standards and applications across the broadband telecommunications spectrum

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In the months and years ahead, hundreds of new, unique and friendly Mobile Communication tools will offer us almost unlimited choices for high portability in the way we talk and share information and pictures with each other.


 A rich selection of Mobile Web Content choices, accessible from friendly wireless devices that we carry, will open up virtually limitless selections for our entertainment and business preferences.  Hardly an opportunity will escape us when we elect to search for and connect with friends, information and resources on the wireless web with our wwwwireless personal tools. 


Wireless Internet...transition to the comfort ZONE


Set Your Clock Flight Tracker Samsung
Set Your World Time Lucent SMART SEATS
Alcatel mmO2 / GPRS  / 3G launched Spectrum Management

Airtouch / Verizon

MobileStar Switchboard
Arch Wireless Motorola Symantec
AT&T Wireless / mMode / picture it.. Nokia Vivendi
Avantgo Openwave (CTIA)
BAM / Verizon Rubicon WAP
Bellsouth Plantronics Wi-Lan
Bluetooth Mobility Portable Computing Winstar
BreezeCOMM The Phone Guys Wirelessndc Qualcomm  (wingcast) Wi-Fi


Ford  (wingcast) Cyber Cafes



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Associations / affiliations / organizations GoogleUp Associations of interest
American Radio Manufacturers Assn. NAB / National Assn. of Broadcasters
American Radio Relay League / 1914 NCTA / National Cable & Telecommunications Assn.
Bluetooth Special Interest Group NTIA / abbreviated display of resources
CTIA / Cellular Telecomm. & Internet Assn. National Assoc. for Amateur Radio
CWA / Communications Workers of America MSUA / Mobile Satellite Telecomm.
Directory of Directories of Resources on Directories PCIA / Personal Communications Industry Assn.
Geospatial Information & Technology Assn. SIA / Satellite Industry Assn.
GSM Association SBCA / Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Assn.
IWTA / Int.Wireless Telecom Assn. TIA / Telecommunications Industry Assn.
ITA / Industrial Telecommunications Assn. WAA - Wireless Airport Assn.
ITAA / Information Technology Assn. of America WCAI / Wireless Communications Assn. International
International Telecommunication Union WECA / Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance /WiFi
ITU / IMT - 3G US Dept. of Commerce / Office of Telecomm Technologies
======================================================= =======================================================
Communities with Links2wireless Networks Wireless LAN /Information & resources /News & opinions
Porterville, Calif./ and expansion into River Isl./Springville ??  WECA / Westchester Emergency Communications Assn. / NY
======================================================= =======================================================
Consumer /Business /Wireless Services Vodafone
Verizon Wireless NttDoCoMo / 1st-Japan
AT&T Wireless / mMode Telefonica / Spain & Latin America/ & Europe-Med. Basin
Sprint PCS Cegetel / France / Vivendi
Cingular Wireless Pegaso PCS / Mexico
T-Mobile USA /   GSM - transatlantic Arch Wireless
Nextel Viafone
Alltel WorldWithoutWire / Broadband Everywhere Network
Leap Wireless MTS Russia
U.S.Cellular Optus Mobile Network / Australia / GSM net
TeleCorp PCS Telstra Mobile / Australia-New Zealand
Qwest Wireless Deutsche Telekom / 19 countries, 67 million users
Western Wireless Jippii Group /Finland-over 50 cities
Alamosa PCS TELUS Mobility /...across Canada
Dobson Communications mmO2 / WAP Your Business with the Mobile Internet / 3G
OracleMobile BTCellnet / Isle of Man 3G showcase
EMT / Estonia Mobile Telecom
======================================================= =======================================================
CyberCafe CyberCafes around the World
Mobilestar Starbucks Coffee
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Devices / Appliances for Mobility / tools.. ..productivity, ' biologicals ', gifts, etc.
AT&T Wireless / mMode / ...picture perfect.. Palm handhelds
BlackBerry / integrating resources / T-Mobile Plantronics Headsets
Bluetooth ready ' matching accessories ' Matsushita Communication / Panasonic
Casio / Personal PCs Microsoft / Pocket PC
Ceiva / Digital Picture Frame / photo sharing NEC products & solutions
Compaq  handhelds PSION handhelds
C-Technologies / C-Penn / Read-Translate-Remember  Research in Motion / GPRS Net / DataTAC Net
DoCoMo  SamsungUSA / 1300 Palm powered phone /  email
GPRS - General Packet Radio Service / Motorola Sanyo
Handspring / Treo cummunicators / Visor handhelds Sharp
HP jornada handheld Sony handhelds / CLIE
J-Phone / Japan Telecom Vodafone
T-Mobile  / BlackBerry 5820 / Research in Motion
======================================================= =======================================================
Fixed Wireless MobileStar
BreezeCOMM Select / Wireless LAN Specialization ( & Cisco )
British Telecom / Wales / VHF signals / Radiant Networks Siemens Mobile
Cometa Networks / AT&T - IBM - Intel WAA - Wireless Airport Assn.
HomeRF Wi-Lan
Iospan Wireless / AirBurst™ / coverage, capacity & scalability Winstar
iBiquity Digital / radio & AM/FM  together..  Wi-Fi
Local area networks WiSE Technologies / ...increase your efficiency...
LogicalNet / Blue Box Wireless Internet
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Glossary Winstar
Wireless Telecomm Terms Univ. of Leicester /UK / Computing-Technology terms
======================================================= =======================================================
Information Services FCC / Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
radio-locator / internet radio Wireless LAN Weblog / News & opinions / Resources
======================================================= =======================================================
Integration / Compatibility tools mmO2 / multimedia-messaging / gearing for GPRS
Bluetooth Openwave
Cometa Networks /AT&T, IBM, Intel, APAX & 3i /WiFi net Signal Technology Assoc./ Comm. & Monitoring in RF
Connexion by Boeing / Lufthansa / FlyNet Time Domain / UWB (Ultra-wideband )/ SoldierVision
GSM & GPRS evolution to UMTS UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications Sys. / Forum
IBM & Openwave /open solutions - mobile software - productivity UMTS World
InformationWeek /AT&T, IBM, Intel = wireless network WAP / Surfnet WAP-site development for ease of use
JAMDAT Mobile / apps, tech, content WorldWithoutWire / Broadband Everywhere Network
JAVA  / ScreamingMedia / Psion Teklogix - netpad XtremeSpectrum /  UWB (Ultra-wideband ) / agility 
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Mergers & Acquisitions
======================================================= =======================================================
Miscellaneous Iowwwa
======================================================= =======================================================
Mobility Support / expanding services... ...local to global to local  links2wireless
Official Bluetooh Wireless info site ICO global multimedia
eSurf Wireless / New Zealand / Walker Wireless backbone WAA - Wireless Airport Assn. / Airport members
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Mobility Support /for disabilities & impairments Bluetooth / productivity tools
======================================================= ======================================================
Network Structures /..back on the node again... ...for homes-schools-business & everywhere
Internet Cafes - global list. Mentor Wireless / resources fm Ohio to beyond..
802.11 hotspots / source for WiFi access points Melbourne Wireless / news - archives
802.11b Networking News MetaLINK Technologies / Wireless Broadband
AirPort networking tech fm Apple Mobile World Comm. / GPRS 
Ampwave / wireless internet amplifiers Netgear / home networking solutions
Amplidyne.Inc. / in the "Wireless Cloud" the solution is clear Netstumbler  / National Map - USA
AN-MSI /Advanced Networking with Minority Institutions NoCatNet / ...' like telegraph except there's No Cat '
AT&T Wireless /GoPort WiFi service...when your on the move Orinoco Wireless
AVS / Wireless Area Networks O'Reilly Network / Antenna on the Cheap ( er, Chip )
Bay Area Wireless Users Group / Greater San Francisco O'Reilly Network /developers & open and emerging technologies
Belkin / Wireless Networking for home or office Rogers-ATT mobile web sites
Boingo / Hot Spot Operators / access @ cafes, airports etc. Pacific Wireless / designs & manufactures solutions
Broadlands Home Owners Assn., Loudoun County, Virginia Seattle Wireless / Metro community broadband wireless
The Chronicle of Higher Education /Information Technology SISNA / HotSpotzz Network  - locations finder
Cometa Networks/ national WiFi net /ATT,IBM,Intel, Apax SMC Networks
Consume /  Node Grid SpectraLink / classroom communication
COOK Report June-July 2002 Sputnik / anytime/anywhere 802.11 networks
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Communications Network /LakesNet St. Vincent's Hospital / Birmingham, Alabama
Educause / Transforming Education Through Technologies Starbucks - Wireless Internet service
FreeNetworks / global communication & Communities Surf and Sip Network
free2air / latest news /802.11b / Illinois service areas / home pricing plans
Greg's Wireless / building a  " Cantenna " ...3 easy steps Telecommuting Tools / mobile acess directory
Guardian /article / UK users hit the open node TeleSea - " Broadband Underway "...coastal regions of U.S.
HF Global Comm.System/ AirForce/'Oldie but Goodie' ...UCInet uses 802.11b(WiFi) standard//DHCP server by NACS
HP & Compaq wireless lan infrastructure solutions Wayport /locations USA & Global for 802.11b
Hurghada, Egypt / Hassan Adly..pulling it together WiFinder / find an ACCESS Point..throughout the USA
....I, CRINGELY...Reach Out & Touch Someone... WiSE Technologies / increase your productivity...
....I, CRINGELY...Running Interference
Linksys / since 1988... for home & corporate solutions
Links / Notes / Miscellaneous....worldwide
======================================================= =======================================================
Network Structures / Universities - Schools Univ. of Calif./Irvine /pilot Wireless Network/ Mobile Access.
Carnegie Mellon Univ. / Wireless Andrew Univ. of Miami / Wireless / Information Technology
Colorado State /Academic Computing & Networking Svcs. Washington State U. & Boeing = Wireless Classroom
Univ. of Central Florida / Wireless Network Western Michigan Univ. / Wireless Western / Phase II
DragonFly Wireless Network / Drexel Univ. / Phase I  Western Michigan Univ. / Schools using wireless networks
U. of Minnesota / Wireless on campus...jump on board..
Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland / leading edge IT service
======================================================= =======================================================
Phone / Information-  Service providers
AT&T Wireless / mMode /..picture the possibilities..
NTT-DoCoMo / 1st in Japan / 29 mil. subs. / i-mode service
======================================================= =======================================================
Phone Service - WWW - Security Service... cards , secure transactions
Sun / wireless developer / J2ME technology
======================================================= =======================================================
Political Issues Center for Responsive Politics / opensecrets
Candidates/Campaigns/Agencies/Research US Federal Election Commission
FCC /Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
======================================================= =======================================================
Regulatory Issues U. S. Government Agencies
=============================================== ===============================================
Research on Mobility Issues / resources mmO2 / GPRS =greater productivity , greater opportunity
Analog Devices / world leader in design & manufacturing.. Mobile Computing resources
Consumer Electronics Assn. NetSecurity / Info - Advisories - Technology
Consumer Electronics / Home rating system - tech connect Netstumbler / WiFi information
Ecutel / Connecting the Mobile Workforce Nova Wireless Assoc. / engineering /  design-build-operate
GuideDogs for the Blind Assn. / resolving impediments Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance / WEP Security
======================================================= =======================================================
Spectrum Allocation Nigerian Communications Commission /fixed wireless spectrum
Department of Commerce-USA Spectrum Management
======================================================= =======================================================
Services / consumer-professional FCC / Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Google up the hard to find stuff
======================================================= =======================================================
Software Configurations / news Sun / Java Industry Connection
Bluetooth configured Symantec
WAP / wireless application protocol Comverse / Mobile Internet Portal
=============================================== ===============================================
Software / Security / encryption
Legion of the Bouncy Castle / open source Jave encryption
Sun / Welcome to (JDC) Java / J2ME tech tips
======================================================= =======================================================
Software Research / issues & solutions
Sun / Introduction to Wireless Java / comprehensive overview .
======================================================= =======================================================
Weather Services Rain or Shine
ACCUweather Weather Unisys
======================================================= =======================================================
Wireless Internet / tools / standards Openwave
GSM World / GSM Association QUALCOMM / CDMA
mmO2 / GPRS...always on...greater versatility Sun Microsystems
Mobile World Communications / GPRS 
NortelNetworks / GSM - Global System for Mobile Comm.
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