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Communication streams and commerce across national boundaries and continents exist today as never before.  The end of both the Cold War and post World War II global economic patterns is generating fresh opportunities for technology design, testing, deployment, global scalability and profitability, and systems integration across almost all telecommunications platforms and applications.       


Productivity advances, along with increasingly consumer friendly communication devices and tools, are only the most immediate rewards won from shifting away from worn out structures, conventions and orthodoxy.  The links2wireless opportunities displayed in this conference center are an excellent starting point for a global inventory of emerging rewards and infrastructure solutions.  Please proceed at the speed of business.


Wireless Internet...from anywhere to anywhere...anytime


Set Your Clock Group Telecom / Canada / Shaw fiber
Set Your World Time Level3 Tele2
Check your Calendar Mcleod-usa Czech Telecom
Long Distance Phone Rates Motien Telefonica
Altera Motorola Teleglobe Net2phone  (VoIP) Telewest
Bell Canada Nat.Institute of Standards & Tech
BellSouth NortelNetworks Titan
British Telecom PLC Openwave ToadNet SAIC Tyco SBC
Ciena Sprint Verizonwireless
Cingular Vivendi

Collins Rockwell

ICO /  system operations Vodafone Group PLC


Intermedia Voicestream
Cometa Networks/ ATT, IBM, Intel Qwest Winfire


Drive Time Networks Radio Iowa WCOM
DeutscheTelekom AG RMI Wingcastmobility
Department of Commerce SamsungTelecom W3C / World Wide Web consortium
DoCoMo - Japan Spectrum Management

france telecom

*************************************** ******************************************
Telecomm access routes:  cable, copper, DSL, fiber, fixed wireless, satellite
********************************************* ************************************************
Associations / Societies / Organizations SIM / Society for Information Management
AIS / Association for Information Systems TIA /Telecommunications Industry Assn. / 1,100 companies
EIA / Electronic Industries Alliance United States Telecom Assoc.
FCC / Wireless Telecommunications Bureau W3C - World Wide Web consortium
ITA / Information Technology Alliance Wireless Communications Assoc. International
National Cable & Telecommunications Assn.
NYSTA / New York State Telecommunications Assn.
NTCA / National Telecommunications Coop Assn.
NTGTS / North Texas Global Telecomm. Society
PETEF / Philippine Electronics & Telecomm. Federation
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Dark Fiber /
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Fixed-Wireless /  Cometa Networks/ AT&T, IBM, Intel, Apax & 3i = national WiFi net
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Telecomm Terms
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Infrastructure / Cities - Municipalities ... ...information/technology policy, networks, & services
Rockville, Md. / Dept. of Information & Technology
==================================================== =============================================================
Infrastructure / "Metro Equipment"
AT&T Cometa Networks / National WiFi networks/ ATT, IBM, Intel
==================================================== =============================================================
Infrastructure / Fiber Grids
==================================================== =============================================================
Infrastructure / urban - rural - maritime Group Telecom / Canada / Shaw / 401,613 kms fiber
AT&T INTRACOM / Hellenic Telecommunications & Electronics Industry
Black & Veatch /Engineering/ wireless - cable - fiber Rohn Industries / Products for a Growing World of Technology
==================================================== =============================================================
Regulatory Issues / International...Africa.. ..Asia...Europe..S. America...Middle East..
==================================================== =============================================================
Regulatory Issues / US Congress Telecommunications Act of 1996
SBC / Southwestern Bell Voices for Choices
Verizon Federal Communications Commission
Qwest FCC / Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Bellsouth US House Cmmttee / Subcommtt on Telecom, Trade & Consumer Protection
USA Congress / legislation info fm Library of Congress US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation
ConnectUSA Voices for Choices / Consumer Issues & Congress
==================================================== ===============================================================
Research / broad resource range European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Benton Foundation / public interest Global Information Infrastructure Resources / U.S. Gov.
NTIA / International / (Diane's List)
International / 53 countries / infrastructure
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Systems Integration / Customization
Chorus Communications Group / 64th largest Telco in US Warsun International Communications / "Carrier's Carrier "
DoCoMo - Japan Your Communications / wholesale services
==================================================== ===============================================================
Spectrum Allocation
Spectrum Management
==================================================== ===============================================================
DoCoMo-Japan Sat. service
==================================================== =========================================================
Security Considerations / Authentication
==================================================== =========================================================
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) forms of service
==================================================== =========================================================
OpenDSL Initiative Covad / available in 109 top metro areas SBC Siemens T - Deutsche Telekom
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Telecomm / global modernization / ISPs LINKdotNET / Egypt 
African Telecom Links / Internet / Networking. MTN South Africa , Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc.
Asia / Pacific Telecom Links / extensive resources. Nextra / Communications Service Provider to Euro Biznez
Cytanet / Cyprus & Mid-East NCC / Nigerian Communications Commission
Egypt / Satellite, Mobile , Fiber , Land Lines  NCC / Press Releases & Notices onCommission business
GegaNet / Middle East - Africa voice-data networks STC Energy / It / Ukraine
Gambia Telecommunications Co. Telecom Italia /
Tonga Communications  /  Kalianet - ISP
==================================================== =============================================================
Telecommunications ...consumer, business, government
ACS / Alaska Communications Systems MAcomnet / Russia
Adams Telephone Co-Operative / Illinois MadisonRiver Communications
Airtel / Vodafone en Espana McLeodUSA / scalable fiber net to 50 states
Albacom /Roma e Milano , & Torino, Bologna, Firenze, etc. Monaco Telecom - Le Groupe
Algeria /Message de M. Le Ministre de la Poste et des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication Midwest Tel Net /consortium serving urban-rural Wisconsin
Aliant / Canada / leading in Communications & Info. Tech. Millennium Communications SA / Poland
Allegiance Telecom Mornington Communications Co-op / Canada
Alltel Communications MTNL /Mahanagar Telephone Nigam, Ltd. / India
Arrow Communications / Southeast Florida MTU-Inform /Russia / Fiber - Telecomm - Cable - Cellular
ATG / Advanced TelCom Group / Western U.S. Nebraska Central Telephone Co. /NCTC / ISP , Hosting & more..
Atlantic.Net / Telecomm-Internet services portfolio Network Telephone / Pensacola, Fla. 
AT&T Newroads Telecom / Arkansas
AT&T Worldnet Service NewSouth Communications / business & residential services
AT&T Wireles Nex-Tech / Nebraska & Kansas 
(AT&T / Comcast) Nextel Wireless
AT&T Latin America/ infrastructure  for services & business NDTC / North Dakota Telephone Co. / & Internet Services..Hosting..
Attica.Net / New Zealand Telecomm NTT / building the "Information Sharing Society" infrastructure
Avantel / Mexico - Infraestructura NVC /Northern Valley Communications / South Dakota
Bahrain Telecommunications Company Olivetti SpA
BankNet / Telecommunications Oksijen Teknoloji / Turkey / Global Products & Telecom  Solutions
Barak /Israel/(Sprint - FranceTele - Deutsche Tele -Matav-Clalcom) Oman Telecommunications Co.
Bell Canada / Wireless Pac-West Telecomm / Integrated Comm. Services - western U.S.
BellSouth Paknet / Pakistan Telecom - Internet - fiber networks
Bestline Communications / Austin, Texas PCCW / HongKong / Integrated Communications Service Provider
Birch Telecom / service in ten states / & Hosting, Networking Portugal Telecom SGPS SA
Blue Earth Valley Communications / Minnesota Pegaso PCS / Mexico
British Telecom Primus Telecommunications Group /230 countries / fiber, satellites
Broadwing / integrated communications/ telco - wireless Primus /knowledge solutions / US, France, UK, India, Japan
Cameroon Telecommunicationss ( Camtel ) Qatar Telecom / networks / cable & wireless
Cavalier Telephone / mid-Atlantic region Qwest Voice Solutions
Chickasaw Long Distance / & BrightNet Oklahoma Reach / Hong Kong / Asia / global
China Telecom  / Dancing with Pandas.. Roynet Internet / Communications Authority of Thailand ( CAT )
Choice One Communications/ one-stop shopping/11 states Russia / MTS / / mobile phone service
Cinergy Comm./ Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee SBC communications / Southwestern Bell/PAC Bell/Ameritech
Cingular ShawneeLink / Southern Illinois / Eighty communities
Comporium /Residential & Business Services/ S. Carolina Shyam Group / India / RAINBOW / wired & wireless services
Comstar Telecommunications / Russia SIGECOM / Indiana fiber network
Conversent Communications / Telecom in Northeast SingTel / Asia Pacific - Global integrated communications
Crocker Communications / New England since 1963 Sonera & Telia / Swedish & Finnish telecom to merge
CTC Communications / Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Soon Communications / Finland
Czech Telecom Sprint
DoCoMo Net STC / SaudiNet / Saudi Arabia
DeutscheTelekom / T- Mobile International / Voicestream Superonline / Turkey/ ISP & Data Communication  Provider
Dominion Telecom SureWest /Roseville Telephone/ Calif../ & Data Networking Solutions
Eesti Telefon / Estonia T-Deutsche Telekom
Egypt / ARENTO TDC Tele Danmark /  Norway, Sweden,  USA activity
Egypt/Misrfone/GSM/ Vodafone, Airtouch, Alkan,EFG-Hermes TDS Telecom / local phone service to rural & suburban centers
Egypt MobiNil (Motorola, France Telecom, Orascom) Telefonica Peru
Electric Lightwave -Integrated Comm. across the West Telefonos de Mexico / TELMEX
Energis / wholesale Private Circuits Telesp Celular / Brazil  / largest mobile operator
Eschelon Telecom /unparalleled service & products TEL.PACIFIC / Australia / ..plans for Asia wide service
E.Spire Communications / integrated services TIM - Telecom Italia Mobile / 
ETPI /Eastern Telecomm. Philippines /..for 120 yrs Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
Euro Connect / France / cable - telecom networks Telecom Italia
EuroproNet / Southeast Europe Telecomm TSTT /Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago
FLAG Telecom  Telefonica / leading Telecom in Spanish/Portuguese speaking world
france telecom SA Telefonica Argentina
FrontierNet / Citizens Comms. / service in 24 states Telefonica Peru
Gallatine River Communications  Teleglobe / expanding portfolio of multimedia services
Gambia Telecommunications Co./ Internet/ full service Telkom Indonesia / Internet - Data - E-Business - VoIP Services
Geetingsville Telephone Co. / Fiber / ISP /  Indiana Telmex / Mexico
GS Telecom / Nigeria / & 20 Countries across Aftica Telstra Country Wide / Telstra BigPond / Australia
GTS Polska / GTS Central Europe TELUS / Canada - full range of products & services
Halstad Telephone /Red River Valley ( Minnesota ) Texas Telephone Industry / Local Exchange Carriers serving Texans
Hanaro Telecom / South Korea Thus / ( Scottish Telecom )  voice-data-Internet-interactive
Hargray / Fifty Years of Telecommunications Experience Time Warner Telecom
HT / Hrvatski Telekom / Croatia  Tiscali / EuropeWide
HTC Communications /Hickory Telephone / Pennsylvania Turk Telekomunikasyon A.S.
ICG Communications TwinsNet / internet telekomunikacja / Poland
ICT - Innovative Communications Technologies Uni2 / Grupo France Telecom / bienvenidos
IDT Corp. / international " callback" program UPC / Welkom bij UPC Nederland
India / VSNL / Videsh Sanchar Nigam / Govn't of India US LEC / Mid-Atlantic & Southeastern US
India/VSNL/Global One Consortium (US-France-Germany) USLink / ( TDS, Inc. ) Services in Minnesota - N. Dakota
Intracom / Hellenic Telecomm. & Electronics Industry Verestar ( American Tower Corporation )
Iowa /Rural Iowa Community Web / Telecommunications Videotron Telecom / ( Quebecor Media, Inc.)
Israel / Barak ITC Vodafone
Italy / Telecom Italia Voljatel / rolja do komunikacije
ITC  Deltacom Vivendi Kenya / Kencell Comm
ITS -InfoCommunicacion / Costa Rica / Central America Vivendi Telecom
iT&E long distance & wireless / Guam VerizonWireless
ITXC / wholesale carrier of international traffic VoiceStream Wireless = T-Mobile US / T-Mobile International
Japan Telecom  WIND - Communicare in un soffio
JENS Corp. /Japan/ Telephone-ISP-Business Services WorldCom
Jippii Group Oyj / twenty countries XO Communications
Kingston Communications / UK Xspedius  - Integrated Communication Services
Korea Telecom/ e-Biz Division & Fixed Wireless networks
Lanka Communication Services / Sri Lanka
Leap Wireless International
Lietuvos Telekomas' Group / Lithuania
Logix Communications
Long Lines / Iowa / Telephone - Internet - Cable
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Telecomm / Phone # Directory Services Area Codes for the US, Canada & Caribbean.
Search for Person or Business by Name. Area Code Listing, by Number / for US.
Search for Person or Business by Phone Number. Telephone Prefix Location Directory / US , Canada, Carribean
Telephone Directories / North America / search tools World Phone Directory Services.
Switchboard / find people & places & businesses Search for US -Canada / International Telephone Numbers
Directories / search tools / by name / map link  Long Distance Phone Rates
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Teleconferencing / multimedia PlaceWare Web Conferencing
AT&T TeleConference / + Web Broadcast + Video WebEx Multimedia Video Conferencing
InterCall / Global Conference Service Provider Wheat Intl. /  Video Teleconferencing...anywhere in the world
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